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Share is a hot multiplayer survival game that is set in a medieval universe. In this game, you begin as a lone lord and are tasked with constructing a base and amassing riches in order to establish a small empire. Organize your defenses and construct a variety of military divisions. Importantly, there are other lords you must contend, so proceed with caution wherever you go!

Developer was made by Spinbot Studio from Paris.

How to play

Create your own kingdom

In this game, you get to build your own little empire. To grow your power, you can construct various buildings. Start by building mage towers where you can train mages to unleash powerful magic against your enemies. Expand your kingdom by constructing houses for soldiers, knights, archers, and other strong units.

It's important to defend your base. Therefore, you need to build sturdy castle walls to keep enemy lords out and safeguard your resources and troops.

Gain currency

Gold is crucial in this game, and there are a few ways to earn it. You can collect them by hand. But if you want to become a wealthy lord, you should build gold mines on gold deposits. When gaining enough gold, you can purchase precious things like fire-breathing dragons. Your gold mines can be upgraded by using gold. Upgraded structures have increased capacity or produce more gold. 

Battle lords

If you have the courage, you can go straight after other lords. When they are away, it's also quite profitable to demolish and plunder their buildings. Take down opposing gold mines to get substantial prizes.

Game control

  • Control the lord: move the mouse
  • Build house: E
  • Build tower: R
  • Summon soldier: T
  • Summon knight: Y
  • Summon archer: U
  • Summon barbarian: I
  • Summon dragon: O
  • Split army: Space bar

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