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In the multiplayer game, your main objectives are to survive, evolve and eat. You live off of food and other creatures. Then, your body changes more with each meal. If you survive until that point, you could transform from a meek mouse into a formidable dragon!

In order to grow, you must first eat berries as you crawl across the battlefield as a tiny mouse. In order to devour your opponents and rule the battlefield, eat everything you can and as much as you can. 


Stan Tatarnykov, a Canadian indie developer made the game.

How to play

The gameplay of is simple to grasp but difficult to master. You begin as a little creature, such as a mouse or a shrimp. And, you must eat food spread over the globe to grow in size and acquire experience points. As you mature, you can select to develop into various creatures with distinct abilities and qualities, such as speed, strength, and special capabilities. Since this game is quite easy, it is suitable for players of all ages, while its depth and strategy keep them interested for hours on end.

Game control

  • Run: Click the left mouse
  • Grow/ stay alive: Eat food/ drink water
  • Stay away from the players who are red-outlined.

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