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Share is an exciting and addictive mobile game that has gained immense popularity for its unique concept, simple controls, and engaging gameplay. This game puts players in control of a black hole that grows larger as it consumes various objects and obstacles in its path. You will begin as a tiny black hole and grow larger by taking in more matter. You can swallow more objects into the abyss the bigger you get. This keeps happening until you can devour entire societies.


The game was developed by Voodoo.

How to play

When playing this game, your main goal is to concentrate on devouring other players in order to get large rewards and are infinite. Once you're devoured, you must restart the game.

You need to consume as many objects as you can, even though you can absorb other players. This enables you to expand quickly throughout the allotted two minutes. It just takes a few seconds to regenerate if you are consumed.

Game modes

In this game, timed is the default game mode. Highest scoring hole wins when the timer goes off. 

Game control

Move the black hole by using a mouse.

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