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Share is an exhilarating multiplayer online game that offers players a thrilling experience when they toss snowballs at one another. In this game, you must gather snow and defeat other players in this epic snow war while avoiding the ice platforms that are melting. You will win if you are the one who stays until the end.


Tokyo is the developer of the game.

How to play

Move around to gather snow and make your snowball bigger. This makes it easier to smash your opponents. Once your snowball is ready, throw it at other players. You can also use it to push them away.

At the same time, you must also be careful not to get pushed off the edge by other players. The battleground is like a shrinking ice platform, just like in battle royale games.

Winning battles earns you XP and lets you unlock cool new skins for your character. 

Game control

  • Move and create a snowball by holding left mouse button
  • Shoot by releasing it.

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