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Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a multiplayer first-person shooter game in which players control eggs equipped with firearms. This game has four game modes, which you will control over an egg armed with weapons. Your objective is to defeat your opponents by using bullets and bombs to break them apart.

How to play

To get started with the Shell Shockers game, you need to choose your character name, personalize your egg, and select one of four game modes. To win this game, you must use significant effort to defend themselves and inflict harm upon enemy eggs. Now, let's experience each game mode and test your ability to dominate the Shell Shockers arena!

Game control

  • Move: use WASD keys
  • Change weapon: E
  • Create a melee attack: F
  • Throw a grenade: Q
  • Reload: R
  • Jump: use Spacebar
  • Zoom/ Aim: Shift

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