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Miniblox is a unique io game with a variety of minigames and voxelated graphics. Coming to this game, you will enter a dynamic realm of innovation and rivalry and discover limitless opportunities. 

How to play

In Miniblox, there are two main game modes: Creative and Survival. With the Survival mode, your main goal is to survive, while the Creative mode allows you to do anything you want. 

To thrive in this game, you need to mine the Earth, construct buildings, gather materials, and make different kinds of objects, just as in other imaginative voxelated games. Additionally, you have the ability to make and load worlds with distinct features and terrains. Not only that, you can even utilize custom seeds to create worlds with a customized set of preferences. 

Game control

  • Move around: use WASD keys
  • Jump: use the Spacebar
  • Sprint: Shift button
  • Crouch: Alt
  • Mine and attack opponents: use left click
  • Place blocks: use right click
  • Open your inventory: E
  • Fly in the Creative mode
  • Chat: Enter
  • Pause the Minibox game: P

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