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Share is a thrilling multiplayer first-person shooter game that you cannot miss if you are passionate about the shooting game genre. Coming to this game, you can engage in incredible fights and duels with other players. This hot io game will transport you to a battlefield populated by rival gamers who will stop at nothing to win. 

How to play is inspired by classic competitive first-person shooters. To launch this game on any of the many maps and game modes, you just need to click the Play button. You have the option to join or make your own custom game if you'd want to play a certain mode or map. Moreover, you can freely invite your friends to participate in this exciting game!

Right now, let's take on opponents to dominate the leaderboards and turn into a pro-FPS player. Best of all, allows you to tweak the parameters so you find the most effective way to play for you.

Game control

  • Move: Use WASD keys
  • Jump: Space bar
  • Slide/ Crouch: Press Shift button
  • Chat: Enter
  • Pause: Hit ~ or Esc 
  • Shoot: Use left-click
  • Iron sight: Use right-click or L

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