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Share is a well-known online multiplayer game where players compete to conquer as much territory as possible on a virtual grid. 

The main objective is to expand your territory by moving a colored square around the grid and marking new areas with a trail. However, other players can destroy your trail if they cross it before you close the loop. Thus, you need a strategic element of both expansion and defense. This game is very simple but can be highly addictive and competitive. 


The game was created by Voodoo.


How to play

The gameplay of is quite straightforward. You move around and apply your color to the floor by using your mouse. To claim a region, glide over blank space and other players' paint, then make a connection to your own color. When a player is exposed, you can also smash into their tail to entirely demolish their area. That also means that when you step out of your area, your tail will also be vulnerable to attack, so be careful.

You'll be engaged in combat with other players all the while trying to capture their area and retake your own. 

Game control

Move: Drag the left mouse button

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