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Share is a multiplayer deathmatch game played from a top-down perspective. MiniGiants merges the growth principles found in popular games such as and Snake with the intense battles typically seen in classic brawler games. Let's take command and engage in combat with other players to earn rewards if you want to win this game!

How to play

In the game, you must gather the vibrant pieces scattered over the map to gain energy and quickly expand your character. Then, you need to gain experience as fast as possible by defeating opponents in combat. Keep in mind to steer clear of conflicts with giants. 

When you take out opponents, occasionally they will drop chests with varying rarities. Chests contain gold for item upgrades as well as treasure for your character. Character accessories that increase your strength and base stats include armor, rings, and helmets. You should look for the rarest chests across the arena, as they hold the most valuable equipment. 

Game control

  • Attack opponent: Use the left mouse button
  • Increase your speed: Use the right mouse button

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