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Might and Monsters

Might and Monsters is an interesting adventure role-playing game. Coming to this game, you will immerse yourself in a perilous world of magical and terrible monsters, engaging in arduous battles against them to rescue the world from their dominance.

How to play

When playing the Might and Monsters game, you will take on terrifying magical and monster creatures and fight them in brutal melee fights to liberate the Earth from their rule. 

You must choose the best warrior to be ready to play this game. Then, when it goes on and you get enough gold, you can upgrade his weapons and armor and customize his look. But keep an eye on your life bar because you have to get back to your tower in time to replenish your energy. Bring peace to the realm once and for all by displaying bravery and refusing to back down from the legions of adversaries that lie in wait for you throughout the battlefield.   

Game control

  • Movement = Using WASD or Arrow Keys.
  • Upgrade Items = Using keys 1,2,3.

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