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Smash Karts

Smash Karts is an exciting 3D multiplayer kart racing game in which you must drive your go-kart and collect weapons to destroy other karts.  

How to play

When playing the Smash Karts game, you must engage in kart-smashing mayhem with other players in the arena for at least three minutes. New maps are updated continuously to provide complete route information for players. You can level up by using the XP you earn from each game you play. 

You will receive character tokens, wheels, hats, and coins as you level up. New characters with different rarities can be unlocked by using character tokens in the prize machine.

You must drive over the question-mark-filled boxes to collect weapons. To use against your adversaries, you will discover anything from mines to rockets, machine guns, and invincibility. 

Best of all, this game provides you with a variety of great small characters and karts for you to choose. You can personalize them as you want. You can also purchase different interesting things with your cash, character tokens, and gems.

Game control

  • Drive the kart: Using WASD or arrow keys
  • Fire weapons: Using Space bar

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