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Share is a multiplayer online game. Your main goal is to assume the role of a knight and engage in combat with other players in order to achieve the status of a king. 

How to play

When playing this game, you must choose one of the various knights that are available, such as Batman and Vegeta. You must throw weapons towards other knights to damage them. If you destroy your opponents, you will receive rewards and help you move up on the leaderboard.

Moreover, your weapon will be upgraded once you have collected 20 and 40 coins, respectively. You can obtain a variety of weapons and replenish some of your health by retrieving a potion. Don't forget to use your shield to fight against agents that harm you.

Game control

  • Move: use AD or left/ right arrow
  • Jump: W or Up arrow
  • Cover: S or Down arrow
  • Melee attack: V
  • Throw your weapon: use Spacebar

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