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Share is a fun adventure game that is quite similar to the famous game Minecraft. Do you love adventure? So, what are you waiting for without playing right now?

How to play

When playing this game, you must choose from four characters: Rose, Mike, Oliver, and Martha. This game has three main game modes. 

  • Peaceful mode: you will compete with other players on a difficult PvP survival terrain. As you work to get stronger and win the game, test your abilities and plan to keep your opponents at bay.
  • Survival Mode: You can turn on and off PvP while fully immersed in the survival experience. This gives it a little more adaptability, which makes for a more relaxed but exciting gaming experience.
  • Creative Mode: Set free your imagination and let it run wild as you construct anything and everything you can think of. Create stunning constructions and landscapes, and don't be afraid to express your artistic side.

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