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Stabfish 2

Stabfish 2 is the follow-up to, a shark fighting game. In an online arena, you need to battle other sharks and try to impale as many adversaries as possible. This game has new sharks, skills, loot, and much more.

How to play

Select your shark

Sharks go through three evolutions. Every death causes you to evolve. The first three types are blue sharks, great white sharks, and megalodon. Each of these three progressions is upgradeable. The enhanced sharks have better skills. You can obtain them by completing milestone achievements.

Combat in the arena

Stabfish 2 is focused on fast-paced battling abilities. In just a second, an adversary may impale you. You must move quickly with your boost and try to grab larger fish with the pace of your moves. When you impale an enemy shark, they will remain stuck to your tusk until you swim into a wall. This eliminates them and spills the food from their bodies, which you can replenish.

Steal and make new gear

There is a mechanism for crafting and looting in Stabfish 2. The loot is placed in the materials, blueprints, or decorations section of your inventory bag. The things in blueprints, which vary in rarity, can be crafted using the materials. 

Build of team of sharks

Join a team and participate in the Armaggedon event every hour. You have the opportunity to be at the top of the event leaderboard every hour. For each game, can create a new team or join a team. 

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