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Share is a massively multiplayer online game where players control a snake-like creature, moving around a two-dimensional space to eat colorful pellets scattered throughout the arena. The snake gets longer as it eats pellets, which makes it harder for it to get across the congested area without running against other snakes. 

The goal is to outsmart other players and trap them so that they collide with your snake's body and die, making you the longest snake in the game. 


The game was created by Steve Howse.

How to play

Simply put, your snake will grow by eating colorful pellets, just like in the beloved Snake mobile game, which has been around for decades. However, adds a multiplayer component that completely modifies the rules of the game.

Avoid Collisions and Develop

The bright orbs hold the secret to your survival. Eating them makes the snake larger and gives it more energy to boost. Your chances of trapping other snakes are higher with larger snakes.

Don't try to take on the big snakes until you've gained more power because you start the game little. Practice eating and dodging until you reach a size where you can take on smaller snakes.

Grow longer

The longer your snake becomes, the more challenging it will be to maneuver without running into other snakes. However, a longer snake also means you are a bigger threat to other players.

Unique orbs

In addition to the common orbs found all across the map, there are two unique orbs. A snake loses all of its illuminating pellets when it dies. The harvest is more abundant the larger the snake that falls. Your snake will develop swiftly if you discover these orbs early.

Occasionally, you can spot the other unique orbs floating about the arena. If you chase these floating orbs, they will flee, but their value exceeds that of the typical dots around, thus it would be worthwhile to do so.

Trap other snakes

When your snake grows longer, you can try to trap other snakes by circling around them. If they collide with your snake's body, they'll be eliminated, and you can consume the pellets they leave behind to grow even longer.

Game control

Control your snake's direction by using a mouse or keyboard.

With keyboard, let's follow guides below:

  • Go at full speed: use UP Arrow
  • Turn left: use LEFT Arrow
  • Turn right: use RIGHT Arrow

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