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Little Big Snake

In the Little Big Snake multiplayer IO game, you cultivate a snake and make it grow. To do this, you control the snake to eat the food and bugs, staying away from other snakes. This snake game expands on features found in other famous games like Slither and Worms Zone. 


Neodinamika Inc developed the Little Big Snake game.

How to play

Evolve your snake

Eating food and watching your snake grow is the fundamental gameplay mechanic of Little Big Snake. You eat the glowing orbs and nectars. These orbs can be found strewn all over the map, inside bugs, and left behind by dead snakes. Consuming any of these foods will increase the size of your snake without changing its overall size. They will accelerate your snake's growth.

Level up

Moreover, you can trap other snakes to grow quicker. The bigger bugs frequently drop upgrades that give you a temporary advantage that lets you advance more quickly.

This game also has some extra complexity added to its basic snake-in-the-head gameplay, so you will never get bored.

Playing the Little Big Snake game increases your level and gives you chests full of gold and other benefits. 

Enhance your snake

After gaining experience points and gold, you can use the evolution panel to buy improvements. Along with many other benefits, you can accelerate growth and energy recovery after eating. When coming to higher levels, you can unlock more evolution enhancements.

Game control

  • Control your snake by moving your mouse
  • Increase speed or make the flying beetle ascend by using left click

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