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Share is a must-try IO game. This game  revolves around the space shooter theme. Welcome to the pinnacle of gaming.

How to play

You must defend your squad in combat as you assume the role of a space fighter pilot. However, be ready for attacks from other players! 

Each ship has a powerful laser that can be used to target other players and artificial intelligence (AI) entities, such as patrols that stand in for stations. Shooting power ups that appear all over space will allow you to equip superior weapons.

Game control

  • To adjust the warship's flight direction: Use the WASD keys.
  • Fire secondary weapons: Click left to fire lasers, then click right
  • To switch between weapons: Drag the mouse
  • To lower the warship's flying speed: Press the Shift key.
  • To accelerate the warship's speed: Hit the Space key.

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