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Hitbox io

In the multiplayer Hitbox io arena battle game, players controll a small square that can lunge, fire projectiles, capture foes, and employ a bat to retaliate against the same projectiles. 

How to play

The main objective of is to outwit and outlast your rivals in the arena. To master this game, you need to apply both technical and tactics to defend yourself against attacks, you must be both precise and cautious. 

To start, you must use the lobby or menu system to enter the endless team battle mode. 

Map customization options include team spawn placement and team-based goal design, all done through the editor. This could entail setting up objectives, barriers, or pathways for teams to interact with.

Coordination and efficient communication are crucial to win. You should work together with teammates to accomplish goals and outmaneuver the opposition. In particular, you must master the rules in each game mode to easily win. 

Game control

Use your mouse

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