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Fall Bros

Fall Bros is an entertaining online game where you have to change into the character and get past a lot of challenging obstacles to win.

How to play

In the Fall Bros game, you will change into an amusing animated figure. You must conquer numerous game obstacles in order to win. To live, you also have to fight for positions with other players. To take the crown and ascend to glory, you must hop over gaps, steer clear of sliding doors, dodge falling bricks and spikes, and check your body in front of the line. 

The Fall Bros game features a large number of distinct stages, each with unique obstacles. All you must do is to run and adopt other players' places to keep from plummeting into the abyss. Gaining experience with diverse game types and skill levels gives you greater versatility.

Game control

  • Move: use WASD keys
  • Jump: use Spacebar

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