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Digital Circus IO

Digital Circus IO takes place in a circus and has characters from that world. This game features a vast stage of a circus. To increase the area that is covered in color, you can move your character. 

How to play

Take a look around the world of circuses in Digital Circus IO. You play as a circus performer and put on the most incredible shows. There are many different characters, such as: singers, dancers, magicians, clowns, and balancers. Each of them has benefits and weaknesses, therefore you must select and enhance each character's skills.

Moreover, every character will be distinct in color. To increase the amount of color you cover on stage, you must sprint and move. You leave your comfort zone. Run in a circle after that, then head back to your domain. It's safe to stay within your comfort zone. However, you run the risk of losing if you move outside of your color zone and are attacked by an opponent. 

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