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In the entertaining game, players compete over territory in an attempt to grow larger. Because other players can easily defeat you, be cautious and avoid them if you are smaller than them. Go ahead and take in the red spots; they will only make you stronger.


The creator of the game is Matheus Valadares.

How to play

Dig and develop

Using your mouse to navigate around and gather water to begin developing. Additional materials are available to enhance your armor and accelerate your growth. Stay away from lava since it will shorten your life. As you reach a bigger size, you can challenge other players to earn extra points. However, before you take on other players, pay attention to your armor and health.

Game modes

In addition to the traditional FFA games seen in many IO games, also provides a variety of game modes.

  • TDM which means you team up with a squad
  • TAG involves hiding and seeking.
  • Battle Royale
  • Maze.

Game control

  • Move by using the mouse
  • Accelerate by holding the left mouse button
  • Brake by using the right mouse button.

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