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Cuphead, often known as Mugman, is a dramatic adventure game. In this game, you have to defend yourself against a vicious crow's strikes.

How to play

Coming to the Cuphead game, you will encounter numerous pranks and a vicious crow. So you need to be cautious. The figure of Cuphead will be seen flying a tiny plane in this pure blue sky. And there's a scary crow facing you. It has extremely adaptable weaponry and attacks, which gives it tremendous devastating capability. It uses a variety of weapons, including large explosive balls, enormous bullets, and many others. When fired, they will split into multiple directions rather than stopping at a straight line of fire. So, you have to move more nimbly and pay attention. You will lose if the crow hits you more than three times. Furthermore, the house was shielded from harm by a giant, sturdy crow with tremendous wings that was difficult to destroy. To reach the finish line and win, you must try your best to destroy the crow.

Game control

  • Move: use WASD or Arrow keys
  • Use the ability: press V
  • Shoot: press X
  • Block: press Z
  • Zoom out: press C

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