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Share is a thrilling first-person shooter IO game that merges the elements of Minecraft and Fortnite. This enjoyable io game bears resemblance to Minecraft, but incorporates unique elements that resemble the dynamics of Fortnite. In this game, you will construct protective constructions and engage in combat with your adversaries.  

How to play

You can shoot enemies or dig a hole for yourself to take cover by switching between your gun and your crafting supplies. This game allows you to explore the rocky outcrops and castles by mining your way through them to uncover secret chambers brimming with wealth, including shotguns and ammunition for your weapon.

Your main aim is to traverse the vast map and eliminate as many other players as possible. You can also gather dynamite and stairs by farming various commodities.

By climbing stairs, you can quickly get higher ground and a better vantage point from which to eliminate other players. To eliminate your opponents from the game, you can toss deadly dynamite sticks at them.  

Game control

  • Move: use WASD keys
  • Jump: use Spacebar
  • Shoot: use left mouse button
  • Switch items: 1,2,3,4 and 5

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