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Share is an appealing game in which you have to steer a car with a circular flair attached. 


Andre Almeida is the developer of the game.

How to play

To play this game, you must work on making your flail bigger so you can use it to hit other players. Your flail begins very little and gets bigger as you gather the crystals that are strewn around the map. Crystals also drop when an enemy is destroyed. The bigger the monster, the greater the crystals that have fallen.

You will be destroyed and have to restart if your flail comes into contact with another player's. On the contrary, if it happens to touch another player, you will destroy them. You have to move quickly and remain focused in this fast-paced game. Stay away from the red regions, as touching them will quickly annihilate you. Additionally, keep an eye out for the tiny green triangle forms, which you can run over to add mass to your character. 

Game control

  • Move by using the mouse
  • Detach flail by left click
  • Attach flail by holding left click 

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