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Share is a multiplayer social deduction game. This game lets you play as a betrayer, a covert saboteur, or as a crew member. While crew members need to perform all of their tasks without dying, the betrayer must disrupt operations.

How to play

When playing the game, you will be given the option to either create your own game with friends or play with random players right at the start. You will be split up into crew and imposters throughout the actual game. Then, you must seek to subvert the actions of the other players in a way that keeps them hidden. The crew has several jobs to complete. The imposter must be identified at the same moment by the other participants. You can convene a meeting and vote on the expulsion of members if you have suspicions. You will be able to speak and explain your suspicions at this discussion. 

Game control

  • Move: Using WASD or Arrow keys
  • Interact: Using the Spacebar or E
  • Open map: M
  • Close the opened interface: Esc

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