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In the multiplayer online game, players are submerged in an underwater environment full with vibrant marine life and difficult challenges. is a very exciting game thanks to its intuitive controls, engaging gameplay, and a variety of difficult levels. Also, there is always a new challenge around the corner thanks to the game's infinite replayability and wide range of personalization possibilities.

How to play

You will start this game with just one Queen fish. You need to give it seafood to eat. You must take control of it that has to make its way across the water while dodging predators and gathering food to swell and become stronger. Your fish will develop strength and improved self-defense against other players and hostile marine animals as it gets bigger. 

Game control

  • Control the fish: Using mouse pointer
  • Attack: Using left mouse button or W
  • Merge creatures: Using right mouse button or Space key
  • Devour your own creatures: Holding right mouse button or Space for a long period of time
  • Zoom in/ out: Using mouse wheel or + and - keys.

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